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Orbango Super Packs

  • Super 4's

    Rs.499 / Box

    • Watermelon (250ml) x 1
    • Bliss (250ml) x 1
    • Red Alert (250ml) x 1
    • Power Shot (250ml) x 1





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  • Super 6's

    Rs.649 / Box

    • Watermelon (250ml) x 1
    • Strawberry Shake (250ml) x 1
    • Bliss (250ml) x 1
    • Exotica (250ml) x 1
    • Power Shot (250ml) x 1
    • Red Alert (250ml) x 1

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  • What is Orbango?

    Orbango is an anytime, anywhere juice bar that you carry in your hand. It gives you the freshest lip-smacking juices whenever you feel like having them.

    Orbango is a fun way of consuming nature’s best produce- fresh fruits, without the hassles of making it on your own.

  • Why should I choose Orbango over everyone else?

    Choose fresh over everything else. Orbango will always give you the freshest juice at your complete convenience. Orbango is made from best quality fruits and processed in the most hygienic and scientific manner.

    Orbango menu is conceived by 5 star chefs and the final juices and blends are selected by taste panels after tasting several blends to give you that delicious taste

  • What is unique about the Orbango product?

    Freshly Squeeed Daily. With No Chemicals and Preservatives. 100% Pure Natural Juice. Conceived by chefs, and selected by taste panels, Orbango will be very appealing to your taste buds as well!

    Orbango menu is built on unique blends. The right mix of fruits giving a surreal taste!

  • How does Orbango ensure great quality and freshness?

    The entire juicing process is scientifically designed.

    Orbango chooses fresh fruits from the market on a daily basis. The input raw material is chosen and cleaned with utmost care.

    We have worked with leading food laboratories and technologists to devise the juicing process most suitable for our purpose. All environmental elements that can affect the juice quality and freshness are scientifically taken care of with lab like precision.

    The juices are processed with cold press machines. Cold press machines ensure maximum nutrients and shelf life. The entire process from cutting the fruit to bottling the juice is done in the shortest possible time. And the juices are transported under temperature control units so that they reach you in the freshest form.

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