Jan 05


Pick up any of those top 10 healthy things to do or top 10 ways to enhance productivity and you are sure to pick up fruits and juices in the top order of things to do! In a lot of countries, especially India, fruits have always enjoyed primal status in the food hierarchy. So why is it so? I guess there are obvious reasons, some of them quite basic, but nevertheless, worth looking at more fundamentally!

Age old learning and medicinal systems, always had a fruit in mind for any ailment. But now, increasingly, modern medicine and food research gives quantifiable linkage of fruit & fresh juices to health and ailment defence or cure. In the US and Australia, regular juicing of fruits and vegetables, especially the leafy ones, is fast becoming a therapy against a lots of ailments, chief among them being digestive ailments. Juicing is increasingly becoming part of modern lifestyle. Even Indian Ayurveda, sees digestive issues as the root cause of most of human diseases and fruit juices work directly on the same.

What are the implications of this in a workplace? I would like to believe, juicing would be essential to creating a better workplace. I think this could well be a recipe for success!
Fresh fruit juice consumption is directly known to work at various aspects of health. The known benefits include increasing energy (obviously), better sleep, better digestion, brain boosting and interestingly, stress busting! These are more on a generic level and you could go deeper with specific fruits working on specific health aspects. In fact, some fruits like avocado, gooseberry (awla), berries, kiwi, etc are known to be super foods addressing overall health! And the good part is fruit juices are tasty and not seen as boring health options. Employees will love to have that option of consuming it, as long as it comes from a hygienic and good source.

Consuming fruit juice regularly is bound to work on the employee health base and will definitely increase productivity at work. How? Well for starters, you are looking at fitter employees, energetic at work, lesser ailments, lesser sick leaves, no 3pm lag, etc. An alkaline body will always be sharp. What more would an HR manager want?
A healthier organisation will translate into a happier organisation. Happier organisations will have more harmony, team work and lower attrition.
And happier organisations will always perform better!


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